Image of Beauty | About
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Our History

Image of Beauty was born in New Zealand in the Year of 2004 initially providing the Services of Photography Makeup Artistry and Hair Styling for weddings in the Coromandel Area of New Zealand.

  • In 2009 IOB Relocated to Central Alberta making Red Deer its Home continuing to provide the same services as in New Zealand it quickly became a successful model.
  • In 2012 Image of Beauty is Awarded by Wedding Industry Experts in 3 Categories Best Photography Best make up & Best Hair Design.
  • In 2014 Image of Beauty adds Videography,Photo-books and printing services to its range of Products and Services.
  • In 2017 Image of Beauty expanded in to the City of Calgary making this the 2nd location in Alberta.
  • In Late 2017 Image of Beauty set a foot in Mexico, by opening its first Franchise in Cancun Mexico.
Our Code of Conduct

Image of Beauty has been recognized by multiple organisms within our industry core and therefore we have adopted the following:

We the staff and owners of Image of Beauty adhere to the following CODE OF CONDUCT:

  • We will present our qualifications & experience accurately.
  • We will honor agreements made with clients and suppliers.
  • We will be upfront about our pricing & provide a detailed contract.
  • If a dispute arises, we will resolve it quickly in a professional, in a courteous manner.
  • We will maintain all the necessary insurances & licences related to our service or products.
  • We will strive to keep up-to-date with advancements in our field to better serve our clients.
  • We will respect copyright laws and give credit where it is due
2012 Wedding Ind Experts Winners
2013 Wedding Ind Experts Winners
2013 Wedding Industry Awards
Our Mission

To become central Alberta’s. Distinctive and empowering enterprise committed to support its community,Customers and their Human Capital.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a driving force of change in the Wedding Industry and we promise to celebrate this vision in everything we do

Our Values

CRUISE “Courtesy Respect Unfailing In Service Excellence” Honesty, Loyalty, Social Responsibility

Our Human Capital

This is Our Human Capital,our most valuable Asset in our business and they are the frontline of our business as well, We are happy to introduce to you the men and women who are part of our business


He is the Lead Photographer & part owner who mainly takes on Full Day Weddings and commercial projects


She is our Head Beautician based in Calgary expert in Make up and hair plus permanent Make up


Photographer & Make up Artist she mainly takes on the half day photos and Special Event Photography


Videogrpahy and Aerial Video he specializes in High and ultra high definition filming with 4k technology


Photo & Video based out of our Red Deer Location,Peter will handle a diverse range of events from weddings to Corporate events and Parties

Dave (2)

Photo & video usually he manages the Portrait Studio and is a 2nd shooter at different events


Is the original Owner and Founder of IOB he currently oversees the operations of the company and its expansion as well as the franchises in Mexico